Art and Protest

 “Art is a medium to communicate with the sublime within and in others.”  – Saubiya Chasmawala


Art is a form of communication. An artist communicates if she is passionate about her ideas and preoccupation. The artist spends a great deal of time before she decides to communicate. An artist has to be inspired before they choose to communicate. Many times the artist is in a state of conflict and when they overcome this conflict they are able to create Art.

How do I know all this ? An intellectually stimulating affair in the city of banyan trees.


Two Seasons, Two Stories

In the premier league era when we talk about consistency, one football club stands out, Sir Alex’s Manchester United. It’s been two seasons now since he left and how different both of them have been.

Football fans have seen the change in the game over the last decade both in terms of gameplay and financial aspects. The game has changed a lot over the last ten years, gone are the days when teams play with two strikers, gone are the days when wing-play was the preferred style to exploit the defenses. The rising concern about the culture of football due to enthusiastic owners, the pricing of tickets is a major cause of concern in England. In Germany, 50+1 rule ensures a club must hold a majority of its own voting rights. None the less the passion for the game has only grown and you can see how contagious it can be. But when a club goes thru a change in a philosophy it’s different. In fact, it’s an existential crisis.