Get these apps to improve your MacOS experience for real

Some people believe MacOS doesn’t need customization. But once you start using it on daily basis you’ll have few “suggestions” for Apple.
But before you write an email or tweet to Apple, check the list of applications here and see if they do the trick for you.

1. MagicPerfs

Almost everyone loves the Trackpad on the MacBooks. While most users are satisfied with the default settings there “a few” who could use some tweaking. The third party apps like MagicPerfs and Better Touch Tool allows you to set custom responses to gestures/clicks/taps.

Better Touch Tool is still the go-to application for many people who want to turn the touchpad to their Genie.The most used feature of these softwares is the ability to enable the third click. I recommend you start with MagicPrefs because it’s free and the ease of setting up the interface.

Once you enable the third click you will never have right to open a tab.The settings in MagicPrefs will available as per your OS settings. For instance, I can’t use Tap settings in MagicPrefs because I use tap to click.

My current MagicPrefs settings

There are many settings at your disposal. But making 5 changes at once, it will make you hate the software. Try making 1 or 2 changes at a time for best user experience.

2. Magnet

After switching from Windows to MacOS, you will miss the ability to resize the window by dragging it on the screen. But you don’t have to miss out on anything. What can be done on Windows can be done on Mac.

All you have to do is install Magnet from the App Store. It’s available at 80% off for a limited time. I highly recommend you invest ₹60 asap if you can’t remember keyboard shortcuts. But if you can / prefer keyboard shortcuts use Spectacle.


3. Unclutter

Unclutter is a file manager, notepad, and clipboard manager. But all those features are available for free, so why pay for Unclutter?
The concept, the design and the interface.

Once you starting using unclutter, there is no going back

Unclutter saves countless clicks and swipes by keeping the files & clips you access the most in one location. As for the Notepad on Unclutter, I doubt you’ll like any other app because your notepad now is just a swipe away.
You can bookmark your clips and notes. This comes handy at work.Tried and tested.
It’s just delightful to have them by swiping down from Menu Bar. 

The cost of this app is fair considering the flawless execution of a thoughtful idea.
You can’t go wrong by spending $6 or ₹370 on this one.

4. Flume

A beautiful Instagram experience for your desktop. Descriptions like this often set high expectations. But Flume has nothing to worry about. If you have used alternatives of Instagram on Mac you will know you have hit the jackpot with Flume.

Free Features

You will get a beautiful Instagram experience on your Mac as promised but you won’t be able to add multiple accounts or upload pictures or videos. For that, you’ll need the pro version available for ₹620.

Flume Pro

Is it worth it?

Well, that depends on what kind of user you are. If you use Instagram as a picture blog or to expand the business, then you must happily pay for Flume. After all, you can effectively edit, type, search and engage with users on a desktop as compared to your phone. Plus you end up increasing your phone’s battery life by not using Instagram on it.

I’m currently using InstaMaster to upload pictures (it was free during New Year) and Flume to browse Instagram. There in no way you can use any other app to browse Instagram once you use Flume, that’s for sure.


5. Culture  Concorde

Culture Concorde is a great example of what developers can do to improve the user experience.
Does the idea of streaming fresh electro music right from your menu bar excite you?
If so, look no further. Culture Concorde is sleek, free and knows how to get it on. BTW the download file is only 2.7 MB. So you are picky about installing third party apps, no problem. You can download it from App Store as well.
What’s you excuse for not installing the app? I have been using this app on daily basis. Love it.


Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 18.08.35.jpg
This how your Mac will look when are looking to vibe on some great electro music.


Hear it from the makers directly,  this what their about page says,

The Concorde is much more than an aircraft, it’s a legend, a symbol of French and British expertise. Just like the plane, our app is designed to give you a premium experience: crafted in a minimalist design, Culture Concorde features only the best electronic music out there.

Yes, the golden age of music is here… sit back, relax and enjoy your flight 🙂


6. Noizio

Did you ever use Rainy Mood? Rainy Mood is a site which plays sounds of rain. It blends perfectly with most tracks. I used the site fairly regularly in late 2000’s. But there one problem,  I couldn’t use it without the internet.

For a long time, I have been looking for an offline ambient sounds application. Finally, my search has ended with installing Noizio.
It opens directly from the menu bar and it’s hard not to fall in love with the minimal design.

Noizio has 15 enchanting ambient sounds and you can save your mix easily.

Noizi available in the App Store for ₹300 (<6$)  but it should not pinch you if like to meditate or experience nature’s sound on daily basis. It’s money well spent even if you just want to go extra mile for your significant other.


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Thank you.





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