Game Review: Emily Is Away will make you log in to your old school messenger again

Emily Is Away is a linear story, an indie visual novel game which will give you a sweet hit of nostalgia as you progress through the game. It was released in November 2015 & in this year we will be getting the second part. Find out if this game is for you or not.

As soon as you start the game you’ll hear the windows XP opening sound and see the familiar blue screen. The first time this will happen you will be confused. As as you start clicking to process in the game you will be warmly greeted with nostalgia & happiness.

This is how your opening screen will look like once the game is over. You can reset the game and play again.

The gameplay is simple like the plot. You are chatting with your first love/crush.
Will you & Emily stay together?
If you haven’t figured it out yet, read the game title once again. Emily Is Away.

The gameplay is simple. Select the options and press random keys to type/ progress in the game.

There is no doubt, the game’s design plays a big role setting up the nostalgia but other elements are as crucial. The game’s background music will remind you of your noisy PC from back in the day. But if you don’t get that reference right away,  you might think there is something wrong with your system! I bet the developers are having a good laugh after trolling few users like this.
The humor in this game is honest, it often makes you laugh on yourself. From “selecting the right” display picture to saying the right thing to Emily.

You have to change your display in each level. The choices are from that year’s biggest movies, music etc. The chances are, you actually did something like this in past. As a person who loves pop culture references, I love this little detail in the game.

Emily Is Away can be easily played under an hour and it’s currently available for free on Stream. Even though it can be played in less than one hour, I’m quite sure you’ll probably end up playing a lot more just to explore various ways of ending in the same fate. I highly recommend everyone who ever used messenger service before Facebook to have a go at it.

Emily Is Away manages to capture how our social lives changed from they way we feel about our crushes to how we interact on messengers. It deals with the insecurities lovers feel. I almost shat my pants when Emily asked me if I had already planned our weekend together. The uncertainty of Emily’s mental well-being keeps the player question Emily’s actions. But it’s important to remember that Emily is in her early 20’s and let’s not forget humans are at their finest, to say the least when it comes to dealing with emotions at that age.

The first time I played the game it ends with me changing the conversation and then going offline. But at the same time, I am given multiple opportunities to confess my love but Emily just isn’t into me.

Kyle Seeley, the maker of the game, feels the game is most powerful when the players are making a decision while going forward in the game because it gives players the opportunity to see how it would have played out if they had done this instead of that.

The most spine chilling moment in the game was when Emily asked if she could come over the weekend and bring some booze. I said yes, canceling my plans with Emma. 

( I wonder if there in ending in with you end up with Emma) 

At this point, I could predict the game. I sensed something thing might happen because prior to this Emily asked why didn’t I kiss her in the prom. I said Emily shouldn’t get booze since I have some. I didn’t select the option on not drinking since I was following her lead. After this the game progresses to next year, here Emily asked me if I had planned the weekend. At this moment, I was panicking. I asked why does she think that and she said because I offered her the booze. Wow, that’s some crazy shit. But I recovered well from there and played till my character confessed.

None the less, I feel this game (knowingly or unknowingly) teaches that sometimes it is best to let go of your lover if you aren’t on the receiving end. Luckily Emily Is Away is on the right end of receiving love from the fans and as promised the second part to this is on our way in early 2017. Mind you it’s not a sequel. 

I wonder if Kyle has a team of women who are helping to create Emily’s response. I’m sure this will increase the relatability considerably.
Let me know how you found the review and if you will play the game or not in the comments section below.


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