Two Seasons, Two Stories

In the premier league era when we talk about consistency, one football club stands out, Sir Alex’s Manchester United. It’s been two seasons now since he left and how different both of them have been.

Football fans have seen the change in the game over the last decade both in terms of gameplay and financial aspects. The game has changed a lot over the last ten years, gone are the days when teams play with two strikers, gone are the days when wing-play was the preferred style to exploit the defenses. The rising concern about the culture of football due to enthusiastic owners, the pricing of tickets is a major cause of concern in England. In Germany, 50+1 rule ensures a club must hold a majority of its own voting rights. None the less the passion for the game has only grown and you can see how contagious it can be. But when a club goes thru a change in a philosophy it’s different. In fact, it’s an existential crisis.

Sir Alex Ferguson chose his successor and it was done after closely evaluating his performance over the years. When David Moyes was announced as new manager, he was given the title The Chosen One, most fans weren’t surprised by his appointment, but everyone was gearing for a new journey. Fans were ready for a rough ride, Sir Alex’s farewell speech ensured that Manchester United won’t succumb to the temptation of instant transformation.

The bubble popped in ten months when Ryan Giggs replaced David Moyes on 22nd April 2014 after Manchester United couldn’t qualify for the Champions League. Sir Alex took years to deliver his first silverware. But the sacking of David Moyes was accepted by the fans on the account that he couldn’t cope with the pressure.

On 19 May 2014, it was confirmed that Louis van Gaal (LvG) will replace Moyes as Manchester United manager on a three-year deal, with Giggs as his assistant. The first challenge was to get back in the champions league for LvG’s Manchester United and challenge for domestic cups. Unlike Moyes, Louis was ready for to introduce his philosophy at Old Trafford. LvG dealt with 48 injuries in his first season and it was only in January when he had the full squad. Manchester United finished fourth and for the first time, so many fans realized how difficult it is to play champions league each season.

While the importance of statistics can’t be stressed enough on the modern game it’s quite fair to say they can be misleading. But one thing which can be concluded is that Manchester United haven’t been as free-scoring as they were in Sir Alex’s watch. While the goals per match ratio haven’t changed much but the change in goals conceded per match is something which is a feature of LvG’s philosophy. Moyes tried to continue Sir Alex’s style of play but now we have something new is making. The possession play is what van Gall likes and we’ll go get better with each season.


While David Moyes didn’t have the opportunity to build his squad, Louis wasted no time in signing players and with his arrival, the making of new Manchester United side was finally under process. In three seasons, Manchester United almost 19 first team players left the club and 10 first team players have started their journey in the club. The new look of this side is full of promises.

Current Squad

The media doesn’t help when a major club is going thru crisis, the post-match conference questions can often reduce the IQ of the room, but the manager has to answer them. The media is no longer interested in the game but interested in results or players performance. Football has been a pop culture by the media by focusing on the non-technical aspects of the game and this has lead to a bigger problem of creation people who only care about “their club” more than the game itself all across the globe.


Louis van Gaal who is 64 years old now has made it clear he wants to retire after this job. But if he doesn’t win a major title in the remaining two years then he’ll probably extend a couple of more years. Ryan Giggs is expected to take the role of manager after LvG. Ryan Giggs, as a product of Fergie’s Fledglings, has been a part of Sir Alex’s dynasty and is an apprentice under LvG’s term. When the time comes Ryan Giggs will the ideal person to continue the legacy of Manchester United.


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