Conversing With Sofia Ashraf

‘ Conversing With’ is a going to be a series interview features.
Sofia Ashraf is a freelance content developer. She was involved with in the making of the video – Kodaikanal Won’t

And with a skype call, we got on with internet loving.

The media has used several titles over the past few weeks which describes you most accurately?

I have seen few videos where I see comic elements, does the diverse nature of your future projects makes you more comfortable with the title of content creator?

After working in the advertising sector how has the shift been? Do you think everyone is an activist?

How do you feel about the attention from the media?

Has the youth been trying to connect with you?

How did the Muslim Youth Culture(MYC) function?

What let to the setting up MYC?

Sex Education is a potential market which is up for grabs, how can it be tapped?

Do you think for sex education to make an impact the tolerance towards the display of affection in our culture should be addressed?

All that we spoke can sound preachy but how are such problems being dealt with?

Sofia is working on multiple projects, waiting for the response from many parties and is actually quite nervous about it. This lead to my final question. When was the last time you heard no from someone?


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