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Why 80 Tambi?
Before we understand why let’s understand why not. 80tambi was the first thing that came to his mind and he knew the domain would be available. And that’s how he chose the domain for his blog.

Why was it the first thing on his mind? Because each morning people who served him breakfast called him tambi. He was tambi for them.

Moving on, now let’s understand why, because he thought it was really cool. If you notice the term is a fusion between a number and a Tamil word. But actually, it’s a fusion between two words only. Plot twist, indeed. 80 is Assi in the Hindi BUT in Punjabi, it translates to me. And Tambi is the Tamil slang for the younger brother.

So what was Archit trying to do apart from trying to fit in Chennai?

He pledged, “I’m your brother.”

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